Man wins brotherly hug of comfort from his camel after losing his son

Many want to make us believe that animals are unable to feel for their human friends the same kind of empathy that we experience among our fellow humans and towards our pets. But, now and then, a story appears to challenge this idea and explain something that most of us already know: animals are extremely empathic beings and capable of noble and moving gestures.

An example of this occurred in Saudi Arabia. According to the local portal UC News, the owner of a camel felt the love of his friend camel in a brotherly hug of consolation after losing his son.

The man left his flock for three days while mourning the death of his boy. Upon returning, one of his camels went straight to him and “hugged him”. It was a loving greeting.

The images are exciting. The camel is determined not to leave the owner alone in sadness. He does not want to release you from your stroking.

Animals seem to know when we most need a cuddle. It is a magical connection, which cannot be explained. Whoever has such a friend has everything in life!

Source: CONTI outra


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