Man throws tiles at dogs – and he regret what he did immediately

Humans often commit acts of violence against animals and even against other humans and escape unpunished with it. The video that we are going to watch today reports an act of cruelty, which had an unexpected outcome … In the clip we can observe a “monster” throwing tiles to a human and his dogs, but quickly he gets hit with a great dose of karma!

Man throws tiles at dogs – and he regret what he did immediately

In 2013, a video began to circulate on social networks, where we see a shirtless young man throwing tiles to another man who was accompanied by his two dogs. But as soon as he has just tossed the tiles, he soon realizes that he should never have had that stupid behavior!

The young man presented a behavior that was not very dignified and quite aggressive, and apparently the animals did not find a joke to this “joke”.

When he least expected it, he had a lesson he would remember for the rest of his life. After throwing 2 or 3 objects, one of the German shepherds let go and furiously headed toward the man …

Although he had a white weapon in his possession, it did not do him any good. The aggressor had no chance against the rage of this dog, who was quickly helped by his other canine companion! The young man now had 2 German Shepherd dogs on top of him, and there was nothing he could do about it.

He fell quickly to the ground, and was severely bitten. The owner of the animals still tried to drive them away to avoid further damage, but to no avail … Although the assailant suffered serious injuries, he had a well-deserved lesson! As long as you remember this episode, surely, you will not again mistreat humans, let alone animals!

Look at this unusual moment with your own eyes:

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