Man takes his paralyzed puppy for a walk on a stroller every day

Anyone lucky enough to have a dog by their side knows very well how these wonderful creatures manage to become, in a very short time, true members of the family, capable of deserving all the attention we dedicate to our loved ones.

And just like us, as our puppies grow, they need more care and attention, especially if, unfortunately, they are affected by diseases that can make their lives difficult. The man we are about to show knows this very well, the protagonist of a simple but meaningful gesture, all dedicated to his paralyzed dog.

When Bryan Thompson was strolling through Shubie Park in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, his attention was attracted by a moving scene that was unlikely to go unnoticed. A man was transporting his paralyzed dog in a comfortable stroller, complete with wheels, blankets, pillows and everything needed to keep the dog from suffering from the cold.

The dog was curled up in her special “wheelchair” and was trying to enjoy a few moments outdoors, surrounded by snow-covered nature. Intrigued, Bryan approached the animal’s owner to talk. Then he learned that his puppy suffered from degenerative myelopathy (called ALS in humans) and was no longer able to walk on her own legs.

A dramatic condition, common in older dogs, especially those of medium and large size. Her human being, however, was not willing to accept that the dog’s health condition prevented her from circulating in open spaces, which is why he invented the mobile solution.

Onboard the stroller, the dog can still benefit from a pleasant walk.

Bryan, impressed by what he had heard from the man in the park, congratulated him, saying he was an exceptional person for allowing the puppy to still feel joy, despite everything. The dog’s owner, in response, said only that he, in his place, would have done the same. Published on Facebook, the story quickly circulated on the web, winning over Internet users.

I don’t know this man, and I hope he won’t mind this post. This guy with an awesome heart was walking his dog through…

Posted by Bryan Thompson on Friday, December 20, 2019

And we can hardly believe it: every day, this big-hearted man gives some of his love to a creature that, like many other dogs, deserves the same unconditional love that he is capable of offering.

Source: Olha Que Vídeo


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