Man takes his elderly dog in a wheelbarrow to his favorite mountain for one last ride

There is no more painful experience than saying goodbye forever to the one you love most. And it’s not much different with dogs. They, the noblest and loyal beings, give us their best years of unconditional love at our side. So when they get sick and inevitably have to leave, we are discouraged and heartbroken.

Last month, moving images of a man with his dying dog in the mountains went around the world, striking the most sensitive chord of all networks.

Monty is a 10-year-old puppy who has not been separated from his beloved owner since he was a puppy.

The pictures depict the moment when Carlos Fresco, a 57-year-old Londoner, decided to take his labradoodle dog in a wheelbarrow on his last hike up his favorite mountain. The tears are hard to hold back!

The sweet old man enjoyed exploring hills and hiking in the country for several years with his owner.

So Carlos decided to take him to the top of Pen y Fan in Brecon Beacons, Wales, where they had been many times when Monty was a healthy puppy.

Now his faithful dog was on the verge of death, due to leukemia he had suffered against which he had fought for 18 months, but now he had returned with strength.

Unfortunately, the man knew that Monty would soon cross the rainbow, so he wanted for the last time to see him go with a thrilling walk that would remain etched deep in his heart forever.

However, he did not imagine that on his expedition up the mountain, he would meet strangers who would immediately question him about the dog. And upon learning of the great motive that drove him, it wasn’t strange that many ended up crying.

“Complete strangers asked if they could share Monty’s wheelbarrow push on his last trip; many couldn’t stand it and cried because we all love our four-legged friends so much,” said Carlos.

As hard as it was to push sweet Monty in his wheelbarrow down the rocky road, it didn’t stop him from really feeling loved in his last moments, even by people who didn’t even know him.

Monty’s last walk was captured in an emotional video that makes millions cry:

“I would like to thank everyone for their support, encouragement, and genuine concern for Monty. My little one touched so many lives. He made everyone he came in with a smile and stop to reflect on how life isn’t so bad sometimes,” the owner added.

Carlos said that after that walk, he clung to his elderly dog with all his strength. I just wanted him to at least wait for the Father’s Day celebration, and so it was: the morning after Father’s Day, Monty died at the foot of his bed.

“I looked over the mattress and he was gone. However, he seemed so calm and I am happy that we could embark on one last adventure together. He was a lovely boy,” concluded Carlos in tears.

We are happy that Monty has received so much love throughout his life.

It was right that before crossing the rainbow his owner said goodbye to him like this, touching so many hearts, doing so much good … Let’s send a message of solidarity to his owner who still mourns for his puppy, who was like a son.

Source: Zoorprendente


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