Man sees terrified dog stuck in frozen water and risks his life saving him

Don Chatten, a 49-year-old man, was at Ellicott Creek Dog Park, walking his two rescue dogs when one of his dogs stopped at the foot of the bridge and started acting strange. Don followed him and heard a faint whimpering coming from the creek.

Don knew that a dog was missing in the area, so he went to investigate. Sure enough, he found a small dog stranded in the middle of the icy waters. Don shouted to parkgoers to call 911, but he knew the dog would not survive that long.

Without thinking twice, Don jumped in the icy waters to reach the dog. He broke the ice with his forearm and faced the water to the waist to reach the dog. He then managed to hold the dog in his chest and crawl back to the surface.

The dog, a Terrier mix called Jackson, was taken to the vets and given emergency care. Vets claim that Jackson’s life was saved because of Don’s agile thinking. The dog’s owner was relieved and grateful to get his baby back.

They are calling Don as a hero, but he attributes that rescue to his determined dog who felt the danger. What a humble and valiant lover of animals! Thank you Don!

Click the video below to watch Don bravely rescue little Jackson!

Source: I Love My Dog


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