Man sees dog on dirt road and realizes he is asking for help

Martin Hall Jr. recently saved a man’s life thanks to the help of two faithful puppies. The tow truck driver was on a normal work day, when something unexpected happened…

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As he walked home down a dirt road, Hall came to an unexpected fork in his path. “I didn’t know which road to take, so I just picked one,” Hall said. “That’s when I noticed a dog lying in the middle of the road.”

Seeing that he was dragging a leash, Hall assumed that the dog was lost. Then he stopped the truck to offer help. The man tried to persuade the puppy to approach, offering his sandwich, but the dog did not move.

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Hall began takingĀ a video, which he planned to post on social media later, in the hope of finding a possible owner.

Disappointed that he couldn’tdo more, Hall left some water for the dog and started to leave. It was then that he was struck by a strange feeling.

“Something inside me said, ‘Try again,'” Hall said. “It was as if the dog was saying, ‘Everything is wrong, my owner is here somewhere, don’t leave yet.'” So I got out of the truck and started another video. That’s when I heard something.”

Just off the road, lying with another dog by his side, was an older man who needed help. The man had been injured after a fall, while walking with his dogs and was unable to stand.

If it wasn’t for the dog on the road, the injured man’s situation might have gone unnoticed.

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Hall called the emergency number and the rescuers rushed to the scene. Fortunately, the man was found on time thanks to his dogs.

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Things could have been very different had it not been for the dog Hall found. “I’m a dog lover and an animal lover,” Hall said. “I think animals communicate with us, but it’s up to us to figure out what they’re trying to say.”

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Source: The Dodo


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