Man puts his car up for sale to save his dog’s life

Randy Etter and his dog Gemini have been together since Gemini was just a puppy. It’s been two years, and the pair is the best of friends. They love each other so much and brighten each other’s lives every day – so when Etter discovered that he could lose his dog, he promised to do absolutely everything he could to save his life.

Gemini was playing with Etter’s girlfriend’s daughter one day four weeks ago, and the baby thought it was hilarious to throw the bottle from his playpen into Gemini. Gemini would pick it up every time, and her father would quickly pick it up, wash it, and return it to the baby. But at some point, Gemini took the bottle without her father realizing it and ended up eating a piece of it.

No one had any idea that Gemini had swallowed something he should not – until he started to get very, very sick.

“He just started to slow down and I did not think it was normal, just lying next to me and following me everywhere,” Etter said. “I just felt like he was saying, ‘Help me.'”

When Gemini started vomiting uncontrollably, his father knew something was very, very wrong, and immediately took him to the vet. Unfortunately, at first, no one could tell him for sure what was wrong with Gemini.

“I lost my job driving from veterinarian to veterinarian and it just seemed like I was not going to get anywhere or get him the help he needed in time,” Etter said. “It was really one of the scariest things I had to deal with.”


Finally, a veterinarian was able to confirm that Gemini had a blockage inside him and would need surgery. Which would cost $ 4,500, money Etter definitely did not have. Losing Gemini was not an option, and so he decided to put his car up for sale to try to raise at least some of the money to save the life of his best friend.

“I was going to spend every dollar made on selling the car at his surgery,” said Etter. “I’d be devastated if I lost my best friend.”

Eventually, a friend was able to borrow $ 2,000, but that was still not enough. Until a local charity knew of his situation and decided to do everything they could to help Etter and Gemini.

The Street Outreach Animal Response (SOAR) Initiative heard about what was going on with Etter and Gemini, and managed to raise nearly $ 3,000 in donations from strangers who just wanted to help the pair of best friends stay together. With all the money donated, Gemini was able to do the surgery – and managed to survive.

Gemini is now recovering well, safe in the arms of his father and best friend. Etter is so grateful to everyone that helped him keep Gemini alive. And you can not imagine what he would have done without everyone’s support.

“He means the world to me,” said Etter. “He is my best friend. He’s always there for me, I just wanted to be able to return the favor and be there for him. “

Source: The Dodo


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