Man offers land and a house as reward for finding his beloved dog.

The love that comes from the relationship between a human being and his dog is one of the most beautiful feelings that can be experienced. Capable of unconditional and unparalleled love, animals offer loyalty and affection without asking for anything in return. And by losing these companions, the emptiness left by them is often desperate.

Inspired by this love and by the lack of his beloved dog, a man living in Arizona in the United States is offering everything he has to recover his best friend.

Eddie Collins has been looking for his dog “Jenny” every day for the last three months since Chihuahua, 2 years-old, disappeared in April. Unfortunately, his cash reward offer did not return any solid clues.

“I need your help,” he said. “I’m really going to be happy if you bring her back to me.”

On Friday, he raised the bet. Offering a piece of land with a one bedroom home to anyone who helps you find Jenny.

I am willing to give the land, the trailer, the workshop, everything in a clear and free, without questions. I just want to get Jenny back, “he told KVOA-TV.

He hopes that the gesture of detachment doesn’t go unnoticed so he can get his puppy back.

“For me, this is not about material things, it’s about my dog,” Collins said.

Similar case

In Portugal, a man identified as Milton Alves, went to various veterinarians to try to save the life of his dog, Myna, of the German dogue breed.

Milton Alves put up for sale the car, a Volkswagen Golf, to get the surgery money. But when some of his friends knew what he had done, they created a joint account. So he could save the bitch and keep the car he likes so much.

Myna was operated on in a heart surgery for about three hours. The dog still had to be operated twice. Milton explains that when he went to find her, he saw that something was not right with her. And later seeing that she did not improve, she returned to the clinic. The dog’s health became complicated and the vet advised to take the animal to the city of Porto, contacting the hospital first, to be prepared to receive Myna.

Milton confessed that he had trouble with her because when Myna was younger, she did not have the strength to hold onto her hind legs. But his love for his four-legged friend never declined, just grew, Milton until he was ready to get rid of the car to help the dog.

The car already has a buyer and the deal is in the process of being closed, but he is waiting for eventual solidarity from third parties to see if he can keep the car. But he says in relation to this: “My friends know that I like the car, but I like Myna even more.”

Source: ANDA


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