Man makes a memorial to his dead dog and asks for help to report the neighbor who killed him

Losing a loved one is a painful thing for anyone, and even more so if it happens surprisingly from one moment to the next. This situation torments Nelson de Jesus, a man from Nueva Italia, Paraguay, who lost one of his most faithful friends and asks for justice for his death.

Nelson is an animal lover and shares his home with several rescued creatures, but now he has lost one of his most beloved: his black puppy named Tony.

Nelson feels no pain inside and is determined to make the person responsible for this tragedy pay the law, as well as to raise his voice against the unrestrained drivers who drive unnoticed on the streets.

Tony and Nelson during a morning walk.

Maybe for some he was just another dog of the thousands who die in the world in this tragic way, but for Nelson it was everything, he was their son.

“Many think because he’s an animal, he should be killed. For those of us who love animals, they are part of us, like a child. They didn’t take a dog from me, they took a child from me,” said Nelson.

Tony used to spend his afternoons in Dad’s parking lot while Dad worked.

Tony lived as a puppy with this man and three other puppies that Nelson was adopting, together they formed his hairy family and used to do everything together.

“The day before he died, he said goodbye to me. Every time I remember that situation, my voice breaks and a knot forms in my throat,” says Nelson.

Nelson ao lado do memorial que ele construiu para Tony.

Nelson works with wood and likes to paint, so he made a special memorial with the image of Tony at the place where the small animal was buried. The man decided to bury it in the backyard of his house to keep it always in mind.

This is what the last gesture of love Nelson had with his faithful companion looks like.

De Jesús asks for justice for what happened to his puppy, because the person in charge is a neighbour of his community who usually drives at full speed through the place and, despite the warnings, has never taken precautions.

“He has always been instructed to walk prudently in the neighborhood. Days before, my mother told her to watch her speed. There was an omission of help. They told me this person made fun of the situation, says he did me a favor.”

Tony in Nelson’s bedroom.

Besides the pain of loss, Nelson must have been ridiculed by unscrupulous people who seem to have been happy with what happened. All of this is a truly deplorable act and, even worse, the response he received from the authorities when he tried to file the complaint.

“The police told me the DA wouldn’t waste time killing an animal. I leave justice to the highest,” said Nelson.

This simple and loving man decided to keep the happiest moments he shared with Tony, but it is inevitable that he cries for his unfair departure in the pantheon that he did in his home. We hope that the person responsible for this crime can be arrested before he hurts another person, even a child can be involved in these tragedies.

Whoever ended this puppy’s life must not only take it on his conscience but must pay before the law.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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