Man hugs puppy he tried to save before she closed her eyes forever

One puppy didn’t survive despite the efforts of those who tried to help her, and at least she received a gesture of love before she closed her eyes forever.

Jefferson is an Ecuadorian YouTuber who takes very seriously the work of rescuing pets on the streets of Manta, his city.

Many times, the boy manages to defeat the battle to the death, saving the lives of badly injured pets; others, it is simply impossible.

As in so many other instances, Jefferson received a call about a dog that was found abandoned in a crate on the side of a road. When they arrived on the scene, they realized that the animal had been through horrors.

The dog had several injuries, was blind in one eye and could not walk.

At only 5 months old, the cruelty of some people had been responsible for making this little animal’s brief existence a real nightmare. Multiple injuries covered his body, to the point that the dog could not walk.

She was dehydrated, malnourished, and had lost sight in one eye due to the mistreatment she had been subjected to at one time. Lulu, which was the name Jefferson gave her, couldn’t stop shaking. She had every reason not to trust anyone.

Lulu was really terrified and kept shaking.

Jefferson was not willing to give up. The young man, who specialized in rescuing dogs in terrible conditions, would fight to give Lulu a second chance for as long as it took.

It was then that the friendship between this boy and this poor dog began. Jefferson began to dedicate days and nights to Lulu’s well-being, also counting on professional help, to try to somehow restore his health.

In this video, you can see in detail the whole story of Lulu’s rescue.

Although Lulu showed some small signs of improvement, everything seemed to indicate that the girl’s life was doomed.

As generous as Jefferson was in his attentions, the cruelties this puppy had faced were hard to overcome.

Unable to walk, with multiple problems, and truly discouraged, Jefferson and his team understood that Lulu was really suffering and that the best thing they could do for her was to help her get out of that trance as quickly as possible.

Lulu’s suffering was imminent and they then had to make the most difficult decisions.

Then the young man, who had no choice but to resign himself, decided that at least Lulu would take away an affectionate memory of the other side of the humans.

Her life had been bittersweet, but she had the consolation of leaving knowing what a hug was, what a loving kiss was like.

Jefferson bids farewell to Lulu with the noblest gesture of love.

In the video, we can therefore see Jefferson’s sad farewell to Lulu and how he gives the dog a dignified burial.

At least the dog was able to rest after months of suffering.

At least in the face of so much pain, he was able to say goodbye with a loving gesture to that dog that unfortunately had to leave.

Adopting, collaborating with activists who fight for their rights, and raising awareness for any case we see are just some of the ways to help the animals that suffer the most.

Source: Zoorprendente