A man hid his dog in a suitcase so his dying wife could say her last goodbye to the family dog

Illness is often one of the things that gets us closer, to care more to provide attention and to cherish more the people we love most in this life. In complicated times like this, our pets, are of utmost importance to the person who is sick.

Often, people who are going through a difficult time in health, end up having an improvement when they are visited by their furry friends. This must be because we can relax around our favorite animals. When our babies are with us, they are one hundred percent present!

This man had his wife hospitalized, with a terminal illness already very advanced. When he talked to her, he knew he had to attend to her last wishes. Her last wish was to see their family dog one last time. The husband than decided to share his tremendous experience online, see for yourself!

“My wife was in the hospital after a very invasive surgery, which after a few days did not seem to produce the expected results, the prognosis was not good, she was able to talk but was not eating or drinking, she only got pain pills through IV. In a rare instance of convincing speech, she persuaded me to sneak our little pet to her private room, so she could see it “one more time.”

“She’s an Australian Shepherd, and because she’s small, she fits nicely into a normal suitcase.” I put her inside the suitcase, zippered open and put it in the car. Until we got to the hospital.When we arrived, I explained to her that I would open the zipper in a few minutes and that she could see her mother. ”

“It was amazing that she never wined, barked or moaned. When I walked past the nurses, I told them I was simply bringing items to make my wife more comfortable.” No problem, they said.”

“When we got inside the room, my wife was asleep.” I unbuttoned the suitcase, and our dog immediately jumped onto the bed, and climbed carefully into her chest, somehow avoiding the strings. The dog placed herself in a way that she could look my wife directly in her ye and remained completely still, until about twenty minutes later, when my wife woke up and began to moan in pain. ”

The dog immediately started to lick her and silently moaned, as if it she knew that barking would blow our cover. My wife hugged her for almost an hour, smiling all the time. We were interrupted by a nurse who was so moved that she promised not to tell anyone. When my wife finally went back to sleep, I carried our little dog back into the suitcase.”

“My wife unfortunately died a few days later, and as if that wasn’t sad enough, now whenever I get the bag, the dog thinks we’re going out to see her again.”

Love leaves marks for a lifetime. With them we grow and fills that empty space that we torments us. Take care of those who love you, they will take care of you!


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