Man helps his dog cross the street in a toy truck

We know that having a pet at home is a synonym of joy, but also of responsibility. Fortunately, most human parents of these adorable little animals are concerned about their well-being.

And this story leads us to an elderly man who has a cute little dog, whom he helps to cross the street carrying it in a toy car that he has adapted especially for him.

It’s very common to see the owners of dogs out for a daily walk. The ideal is for puppies to walk around and get some exercise. But the protagonist of this story seems to be quite content to save a few steps and walk in this little truck.

The puppy rides happily in his toy truck that drives down the road. That is something the puppy really enjoys.

For this good man, this is a pretty safe method of crossing that busy avenue, although many point it out and criticize him because his pet is too spoiled.

As soon as they reach the center of the avenue, the man picks him up and the two of them wait until no other vehicle comes from the other side to continue on their way. This fills us with joy, it is something that a good father does with his children.

The video was shared on the Internet with more than 11,000 reactions. The comments from users show the admiration for the love of this good man for his puppy.

This man used his imagination to invent this genuine way to lovingly care for and protect his faithful dog.

Watch the video below:

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Posted by Dadhul Verghara Herrera on Thursday, December 3, 2020

Knowing that dogs are lucky to have a warm, well cared for home is always good news.

The pictures speak for themselves. The joy of this puppy can be seen by his attitude when he is in the truck. He enjoys it very much.


Posted by Dadhul Verghara Herrera on Sunday, December 20, 2020

Our little friends deserve a home that makes them feel important and part of the family.

Although I can’t see the face of this good man no doubt he is willing to do anything for his puppy. That is commendable.

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