Man had hand amputated because he ate sushi

Recently, a 71-year-old South Korean man had to have his hand amputated after eating sushi. The man swallowed raw fish and picked up an infection that eventually led to amputation. According to the Daily Mail, the sushi he ate contained rotten fish, and that is what triggered the disgusting infection.

The New England Journal of Medicine

The man was a big fan of sushi, and decided to order this food for dinner. However, 12 hours after the meal, his left hand began to swell and turned purple. In addition, the South Korean was in intense pain. Seeing that the situation was serious, he went to the hospital urgently.

Hand amputated due to sushi

When the 71-year-old South Korean entered the emergency room, doctors treated him with antibiotics right away. Unfortunately, it was too late: the infection was at a very advanced level, and there was no choice but to amputate the left hand. As we can see in the pictures, the infection was overdeveloped. The man never suspected this could happen, but after some research, it was discovered that the spoiled fish and seafood caused the whole problem.

The New England Journal of Medicine

If you like sushi, be careful where you order the food, to make sure they use fresh products and. Also, it’s best to avoid eating raw fish and seafood. Let’s share to warn people about this terrible danger.

Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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