Man Fosters “talking dog” for 2 weeks – falls in love and begs to keep him

When Drew Harrisberg went to a shelter to adopt a dog, he discovered that the dog he was looking for had already been adopted by someone else. So the man decided to take a look at the other animals in the shelter. That’s when a unique sound caught his attention …

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Drew heard something that sounded like a seal. Curious, the man eventually discovered that the sound came from a Pit Bull, named Dennis. For some reason, the puppy was overjoyed to see Drew.

Youtube – The Dodo

Drew got close to the pup, and before he knew it, he was in love. He had to have this “talking dog.” However, Dennis was already “taken” and would be adopted by someone else.

Drew had an idea

The man asked if he could foster Dennis for two weeks, before his adoption was approved.

Youtube – The Dodo

Despite all warnings from the shelter that Drew would cling to the puppy, the man was determined to foster him.

Of course, the shelter was right!

Drew fell in love with the dog. He didn’t even dare return Drew to his new owners when the time came.

Youtube – The Dodo

Drew did the only thing he could think of

He begged the new owners to let him keep Dennis. Did they agree? Of course yes! The “future” Pit Bull’s family understood that these two had already created a very special bond, and couldn’t be separated.

After watching some videos of the pair in action, there was no doubt that they would be perfect for each other.

Man fosters”talking dog” for 2 weeks

Watch the video below, to get to know a little more about this love story:

Animals can transform our lives completely, and the images we just saw are proof of that.

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