Man finds kitten with shoelaces tied around his neck

Timofey Yuriev was driving down an avenue in Yonkers, New York, when he spotted a kitten crawling slowly along the busy sidewalk. He stopped the car and pulled it out.

“There was a bus stop and a lot of people walking around, but no one paid attention to the cat,” said Yuriev. “So I immediately stopped the car and got it out before anyone stepped on it or something.”

When Timofey went to help the cat, he noticed that there was a shoelace tied tightly around his neck. Shocked and disgusted to see that cruel scene, he untied the knot and took it home. There, he named it “Laces”.

“When I released Laces, he started meowing a lot,” he said. “He could not meow earlier because his neck was so knotted. When I released him, he was screaming a lot, was extremely scared. Laces didn’t scratch me or anything, but he was very weak, malnourished, and tired,” reported the New Yorker.

The next day Timofey took Laces to a veterinary clinic. Doctors determined that the kitten was approximately two and a half months old; I wasn’t sick, but I was underweight. They indicated a diet for the cat and released him shortly thereafter.

“He was very thin, dehydrated, with some bruising on his body,” said Julie Potter, manager of the Paws Crossed Animal clinic. “Above all, he was very, very scared of the situation and unsure of people. We can’t blame him for that.”

Timofey left Laces in the shelter so that someone in the room could finally adopt him. A few weeks after the rescue, a potential family contacted.

Journalist Lisa Salvadorini was reading a story about Laces and immediately fell in love with him. He decided to go to the shelter to meet him in person.

“It was 5 am and I was reading the morning news,” Lisa said. “Then I saw his pretty face and thought to myself then…‘I need to take you home!’”

Once at the shelter, Lisa figured that Laces would be a great new member of the family, and that her two children would love her company since they had never had a pet before.

“It was a big surprise for them. My children were shocked to learn that they had a kitten! Her eyes filled with tears of joy when she first saw him. Since then, they have been in love with you every day” said the journalist.

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Source: Portal do Animal


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