Man finds emaciated dog who was covered in burns

A maintenance worker in Georgia saw something that made his heart fall. It wasn’t a broken apartment, but a dog. A gray Pit Bull, reduced to skin and bones! The man knew he needed to do something. However, when he contacted the authorities, he was warned that he couldn’t remove the dog as this would be considered stealing.

Then the man contacted the animal control and later the puppy was taken to the Grayson Animal Hospital. The vet was shocked by little dog’s state of health…

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“When the dog arrived here, he was in tears and in disbelief,” said Cinnamon Koch. “This is the worst case of abuse I’ve ever seen.” “He’s so sweet and loving, all he wants is to kiss you.”

Already in good hands, the dog was named “Mikey” in honor of the man who saved him. Soon the rescuers discovered that he weighed a mere 24 pounds, when he should weigh twice as much. In addition, he was covered in burn marks and wounds.

All community help will be essential

Veterinarians believe that Mikey can survive, but his path will not be easy. Four young girls, Annabelle, Ari, Addie and Rylee, discovered the dog’s situation and even collected their allowances to help with medical bills.

Hopefully this gesture will encourage others to do the same and Mikey will recover quickly. After all he has faced, he deserves all the care, attention, love and affection in the world!

Man finds dog hungry and covered in burns

Watch the video below and learn a little more about Mikey’s case:

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