He found a tied crying puppy on the side of the road and could not ignore

The human being is born with that fantastic thing called imagination. Thanks to human imagination, several good things have been done in this world. Unfortunately it seems like not everyone is willing to use it for good.

When will people stop hurting animals? It is that the atrocities against our canine friends seem to be a kind of competition to see who is more monstrous, who is capable of committing the most obscene crime.

Almost every day we read stories of mistreatment, unfortunately. But thanks to good-hearted people, who refuse to sit idly by, many of the canines that are going through difficult situations are saved.

Dan Targonsk is one of those people who knows that having pity on an animal will not help. You have to do something, get your hands on the job. He started his workday as usual but while making his usual route, he discovered something he simply can not ignore.

This looked like a dirty, hungry puppy, sitting alone on the sidewalk. He was tied to a tree in the sun, without water or food.


Dan knew that something was very wrong and did not have the courage to leave there that life that prayed for help.

He left his job and ran to find some food and fresh water for the animal and then called a local animal protection organization: “Adopt a Rescue Boxer” in Philadelphia.

Dan faithfully waited with the bigeye for the arrival of the organization and they did not take long. When they arrived, they soon named the little pelt a name: Kuperus.

After being taken to the clinic for examination, the veterinarian discovered a major head injury suspected to have been inflicted by a knife or bullet. In addition, Kuperus’ jaw had also been broken and a few teeth had to be removed.


Although his past was horrible, the anima proved to be very sweet and loving.

“I do not understand how he can always crave people’s attention,” says Dawn Karam, founder of “Adopt a Rescue Boxer,” and continues: “She only wants attention … Although some terrible people have abandoned her and left her It’s incredible. ”

Kuperus was placed with an adoptive family while recovering.


Although the organization’s employees have worked hard to find their former owners, they have not yet been identified and so have not yet been brought to justice. But in June of 2013, Kuperus was adopted by a family and this already is a great victory.

Kuperus was the face of a campaign whose message was the active struggle to improve the lives of animals. May your old masters see you and have many regrets of what they did to you!


Help spread the word: Animals deserve respect, affection and attention, if you can not provide them, do not even adopt!

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Source: Incroyable


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