Man finds abandoned puppy in the trash

Takis is well known in the rescue community for his unwillingness to refuse any animals. While his shelter is raided and he is often broke for veterinary care and food, he keeps receiving animals. He refuses to leave them on the streets to fend for themselves. Takis knows that a nearby dump is a popular dump for unwanted pets. As he passed him, he saw a puppy sitting in the dirt.

The little guy looked to be only a couple of months old. At first, he looked okay but as he tried to chase Takis’ dog, you could see how weak his little body was. He also seemed like he lost his confidence. It was if his owner giving up on him broke his heart and, he felt ashamed for not being good enough.

He walked with shaky legs.

When was the last time he ate a decent meal? His malnutrition was taking a serious toll. Thankfully, Takis found him when he did! As soon as Takis put the puppy inside his car, he curled up on the car’s seat. He finally felt safe. Takis named him Samu.

Samu felt a bit overwhelmed once he was at the shelter. Understandably so! All the animals that were coming over to say “hi” and sniff him scared him a bit. He’s just a baby! Takis knew he had to get the little guy into a foster home fast!

Takis made a few calls and thankfully an adopter, who took two of Takis’ dogs in, agreed to foster Samu … in Finland!

She flew to Greece to pick up the puppy. First, though, he needed to go to the shop to get a new jacket, a leash, and a proper collar.

Once in his new foster home, Samu was excited. He made friends with the other dogs immediately. His new foster mom worked on finding him a forever home. Sure, she could get attached and keep him herself but then that would mean less space to take in more fosters. Foster parents are incredibly important in the process of homing these animals.

In a matter of days, adopters stepped up. They desperately wanted to give Samu a new forever home. The dog that was thrown away was now wanted! What could be better than that?

The puppy is now living, happily, with his forever family. Thank you to Takis and his foster mom for helping this little guy get the life he deserves!

To see the rescue and the puppy’s story, click play on the video below!

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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