Audience calls this man fat – now watch as he starts dancing

We should never judge someone by their appearance, and we learn this from an early age. However, prejudice is a common practice in our society. John Lindo is accustomed to being the object of mean comments. Once, the audience called the man fat, but when he started dancing, everyone got jaw dropped.

John Lindo is a well-built man, and doesn’t look like a typical dancer. In fact, he is overweight, unlike other practitioners of this art, but that doesn’t stop him from being incredible at what he does. Because of his appearance, John has been facing bullying for several years, and people find it hard to believe he is a good dancer. But he has been dancing swing since 1992!

The man competes professionally and has won major contests such as the US Open. When John and his dance partner stepped onto the dance floor in a swing contest in 2008, he could hear people in the audience murmuring “fat.” However, when he and Stephanie started dancing, the audience was speechless… they were absolutely amazed.

The couple ruled the dance floor, and all their competitors were impressed by the choreography and technique of the dancers. The routine gave the couple victory in the 2008 competition. And, as you can see at the end of the clip, the audience stood up and applauded. See the wonderful performance here!

This is really a reminder to us all: never judge a book by its cover. Share this story if you agree.

Source: Newsner


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