Man dedicates his life to saving animals that are dying and is called “the angel of the animals”

Wilson Martins Coutinho, from Rio de Janeiro, is a man on a mission. He devotes his days to saving dying animals that have no one to care for them. He catches them in the streets and dumps and gives them a second chance at life.

In this video, we see the kind heart of Wilson shine in a series of rescues. He has an eye for locating rotting animals in unaccompanied corners. Many people would keep their distance from some of these worm-infested animals, but not Wilson.

Wilson often covers those suffering animals with his shirt. He embraces them, calms them with their warm embraces and encourages them that they will be taken care of. The dedicated Wilson lives a minimalist life, for he renounces his own comforts to care for the dying animals.

No wonder Wilson is being hailed as “the angel of the beasts” by the people. We are in tears as we watch this touching heart video. In helping these poor beings who do not know how to speak, Wilson has shown us that love is indeed a universal language!

Click on the video below to watch Wilson’s dedicated and dedicated efforts to help suffering animals get another chance in life.

Source: I Love My Dog


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