Man dedicates his life saving stray dogs in the Gaza Strip

Love for dogs goes far beyond loving or admiring them from a distance. Saeed is a 45-year-old Palestinian who has decided to spend his life rescuing dogs in the Gaza Strip.

Dogs are considered unclean animals in Islam.

Seed is known as “The Palestinian Doctor Dolittle”, he became the guardian angel of the most vulnerable dogs. It is no secret that Gaza faces a number of problems, as well as hosting millions of refugees, housing, electricity and water problems. Something that makes everyday life more difficult for local people, but even more so for stray dogs.

Some point out that it is because Prophet Muhammad was attacked by a dog.

Therefore, man dedicates his life to saving as many dogs as he can to offer them a better life. He spends months roaming the streets of Gaza, locating dogs, earning his trust, providing medical care if they need shelter and food. This is just the beginning, Seed el Aer is also responsible for finding a home where they are treated with love and respect.

Islam has difficulty accepting dogs as another family member.

The passion for dogs is so great that Seed el Aer helped found the Sulala Association for Animals Care, a type of farm where many volunteers participate to care for all puppies. In the early days, dogs remain tied until they can adapt to the new space and recognize employees. Then they run freely around the farm.

The organization is located in Zahra, south of Gaza.

When Seed arrives with his car, all dogs recognize him and run toward him. The man is not only happy to help dogs, but he is also surprised at how many people want to visit the shelter and feed the defenseless fur. Although Islam does not prohibit keeping them as pets, those who have dogs never have them indoors.

Seed Aer tries to convince more people that puppies are sentient beings.

Fortunately, the refuge has become popular in Palestinian territory and many people come to volunteer. They feed them, help tame and walk the streets of Zahra.

Each person who joins makes a difference to better focus on puppies.

Each adopter must sign a contract in which Seed el Aer establishes the following:

They have to feed him, give him a drink and not hit him under any circumstances. Anyone who abides by these rules may call us and we will take them back to the farm.”

This wonderful cause began as a small seed that today produces the best fruits. We want more people to come together and get motivated to adopt a puppy that needs him so much.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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