Man cuts dog’s legs and leaves him in the woods

All animals have a special gift: they overflow love and affection. However, unfortunately, the human being can always hurt these defenseless beings. In Turkey, a recent case of abuse has caused such a stir that even the presidential elections have had to be stopped.

A helpless pup was found with his legs and tail cut off. In addition, the poor animal was abandoned in a dark forest, to die. Only a heartless person could have committed such an atrocity...

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Once the case has become public, a great deal of outrage has swept across the country and it is not difficult to understand why.

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The pup was found in the forest and taken to a veterinarian, where he received immediate treatment.

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The poor puppy still had the strength to express his gratitude, when he was rescued.

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However, despite all the efforts, the injured animal eventually died during surgery.

The incident sparked a rare demonstration of unity between the Turkish political parties and the presidential candidates, who have been harshly criticizing the event and considering much more severe measures against the aggressors.

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Meanwhile, animal advocates say that in Turkey punishments of cruelty to animals are too soft.

“This brutality against a small being is a painful manifestation of the loss of values in our country. I believe in God and I hope that those who hurt a small puppy will find what they deserve in the next life,” said Iyi party leader and presidential candidate , Meral Aksener.

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It is really painful to know that such cruel acts continue to happen… Hopefully, the death of this dog has not been in vain, and that the authorities really keep to their promise to impose much stricter laws.

One last goodbye

Rest in peace doggie… Share this story, if you are against animal abuse!

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