Man buries his dog after he was run over and the next morning he was surprised

Taking an animal into your home can be a wonderful, life-changing experience. There will always come a tragic day, though, when that animal leaves to cross the rainbow bridge as quickly as they appeared.

It’s a hard thing to bear, especially for parents who need to explain what happened to their children.

When a man named Glenn Maloney told his family their precious dog Mugsy had died, he was not expecting what happened less than 24 hours later.

Glenn was out in the yard around 3 p.m. in the afternoon when he heard cries and yelping from down the lane. It sounded like Mugsy had been hit by a car.

He ran to the side of the dog, only to find him covered in blood and almost without moving. Glenn picked up the injured dog and started running for the house. Before reaching the front door, he realized he was not moving and had no wrist.

Glenn and his wife Viola Tiszl had small children, so Glenn was outside. He did not want them to see Mugy’s lifeless body.

He quickly buried him in the yard, then entered the house. Glenn did not dare tell the children what happened until hours later, around 7 p.m.

Understandably, the parents were speechless (and a little scared). Glenn was certain that Mugsy was the dog that was run over by a car and died. He even checked his marks the day before to make sure he was burying the right dog.

The family checked the grave: it was freshly dug up. Mugsy escaped (literally) from death!

“Mugsy was covered with dirt and his eyes were bloodshot,” Viola said in an interview. “Jack Russells are bred to burrow after foxes. I guess when he woke up in that hole, he just thought it was another old hole and he dug his way out, not knowing it was supposed to be his grave.”

The shocking news of Mugsy’s return from the dead spread rapidly; He even appeared on Oprah with his parents!

No one will ever know for sure, but it was thought that Mugsy never actually died. His vital signs must have slowed down to such a rate that he appeared lifeless.

Veterinarians think he slept in his grave after the traumatic event. When he woke up, he simply left his shallow grave and returned home.

It’s a miracle that Mugsy was all right and could be reunited with his loving family.

Source: I Love My Dog


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