Man becomes a hero after saving a dog on the beach of Asturias

Man becomes a hero when he saves a dog on Asturias beach and the video of the rescue goes viral.

This one showed the whole world his true value. Pure love for animals.

A dachshund puppy was drowning when it was saved by Douglas Rodrigo.

Images of the rescue of a dog at Praia das Astúrias, in Guarujá, have gone viral on social networks.

Man becomes a hero by saving the dog.

After rescuing the animal from the sea, Douglas Rodrigo da Silva Leal, 35, was called a hero by the dog’s owner. The information is from G1.

According to Douglas, he was accompanied by a carpenter friend, waiting for a customer when the elderly woman asked for help, desperate because the dog had got scared and ran away while she was taking him for a walk.

Man becomes a hero.

Trained as a civilian firefighter, Douglas quickly went into the sea to save the animal. 

He swam to the encounter of the dachshund dog, also known as “sausage”

Soon after, lifeguards went to meet the pair and put them on the water bike. On social networks, the man was called a hero.

Watch in the video below:

Source: News Online

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