Man attacks dog so he could park – then the animal gets revenge with the help of his friends

A video was recently released on social networks, causing a huge wave of outrage. The security cameras captured the moment a group of dogs began to destroy a car completely. It turns out, the owner of the vehicle was spotted kicking the dog, moments before the incident.

Although the puppy did not belong to a family, he had a bunch of loyal friends. His canine friends came to defend the beaten dog and destroyed the evildoer’s vehicle. The unusual case occurred on a busy street in Mexico, where street dogs are plentiful.

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However, in the midst of loneliness and hunger, it is where the best friendships are forged, and this has been demonstrated by these pups.

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The attacker, coming from the same area where the vandalism occurred, reported that he intended to park his vehicle, but an “obstacle” on the road wouldn’t allow it. The poor dog could not react, as the fatigue of life on the streets was superior.

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Then the man got out of the vehicle and kicked the innocent dog … We do not know how, but the animal came back with his unconditional friends and began to bite the tires and the whole body of the car, as the video reports.

Dog gets revenge with the help of his friends

The images have already reached more than 50,000 views on Facebook, and not difficult to understand why. Check out the moment, when the puppies decided to take revenge, in the video below:

Without doubt, a great proof of friendship and companionship…

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Source: Te Importa


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