Mama Dog tied up and left cruelly, kept her puppies alive for 10 days waiting for help

In an act of extreme cruelty, a man tied his pregnant dog to a tree in a forest and left her. Miraculously, not only did the dog survive, but she gave birth to her puppies and kept them alive for ten days while being tied up.

When Lara, a Pit Bull mix, became pregnant, her owners decided they did not want to take care of her or her puppies. So they did the most inhuman thing. Instead of finding a new home for her or handing her over to a shelter, the owner tied her to a tree in a forest near Nafplion, Greece.

By this time, Lara was pregnant and stood in the cold forest, in the middle of nowhere, alone and tied to a tree. Lara ended up giving birth to four puppies while she was still tied.

Somehow she not only survived but managed to keep her puppies alive for 10 whole days without food, water or shelter! Talk about a struggling mom to keep her puppies alive!

When the rescuers finally heard of her through some nearby villagers, they rushed to the scene and immediately took her and her young ones. Unfortunately, one of the puppies did not make it.

But with the love and care of the rescue team, the three remaining puppies and their mother began to recover their health. They are all doing just fine now and are as mischievous and lovable as you expect a puppy to be.

We hope that the original owner is caught and punished for cruelty to animals. We were glad that the rescuers found the dog and her puppies before anything worse happened.

Click on the video below to watch the story of Lara’s rescue.

Source: I Love My Dog


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