Malnourished puppy with terrible case of scabies is rescued

Pixie’s story is a bit mysterious. She was found alone, wandering in a neighborhood. She was so small and vulnerable. Her skin was so bad it looked as if she had suffered intentional burns.

Her skin wasn’t really burnt, but Pixie had a terrible case of scabies. The scabies got so bad that it invaded every point of his tiny body. She was covered with sores from all her scratches. She was also malnourished. You could tell that she would be a large breed dog and at only 6 weeks she weighed only 2 pounds.

One of the shelter workers, Daphne Bragg, was happy to help Pixie. She had a very similar puppy that made tremendous progress and Daphne was happy to do the same with little Pixie.

At first, Pixie had no idea how to be a dog, but with Daphne’s help and with the assistance of Daphne’s other dogs, Pixie began learning to play, how to eat and drink water, and how to be part of the group.

Daphne’s dog, Elliot, started out a lot like Pixie.

He also had terrible skin problems. This is a photo of the dogs side by side!

Elliot and Pixie became best friends. They got together because of the trauma and, little by little, Pixie learned to be a dog in a house.

Pixie’s drug-soaked skin really began to heal, and her tiny fur grew little by little. Daphne thinks she’s going to be a natural redhead.

The little fighter stayed with Daphne and her dogs for 6 weeks and during that time she was confident and very loving. She now has a new family and is a very happy puppy.

This story shows us how important it is to help dogs like Pixie who could never thrive without a shelter. If you have ever considered breeding dogs, watch the video below! Pixie’s story is very inspiring. Pass this on so that more people will open their homes and their hearts to animals that need help.

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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