Malnourished dog with health problems is found under a car

Angela Adan is a dog rescuer, so she sees a lot of sad situations that tug at her heartstrings. She rarely cries for the dogs she rescues, as she wants to remain strong for them. Freddy, however, is a rescue dog that made her openly sob.

Freddy is a tiny pooch that rescuers found under a car. He was turned into rescue organization Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue from Tehachapi, California. Amazingly, the rescue boasts a 99% success rate for adoptions.

The malnourished dog had a variety of health issues, including dental problems and the lack of an epiglottis in the throat. This very important structure prevents fluid from going into the lungs.

Despite his horrible past, Freddy shone with a bubbly personality. Although Freddy also has a deformity in his jaw and front leg, he has not slowed by this.

Freddy’s mom said Freddy taught her to enjoy life at the moment, this second.

Watch below an inspiring video of Freddy overcoming obstacles every day!

Source: I Love My Dog

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