After getting her eyes removed, saviors find horse malnourished and suffering in the sun

Horses are noble animals that have been with us since the beginning of history. They helped create communities and work in the countryside with their strength, perseverance and peaceful personality. They are animals that must be respected by their faithful and noble company. Unfortunately, not all people think this way and forget the value of these incredible animals.

Facebook – Centro de Recuperacion Equina Nelquihue

Recently, a horse was found in a terrible condition: she had been tortured and was now practically alone, struggling to feed herself. The animal was tied, malnourished and dehydrated, but worst of all, she was very hurt. An unscrupulous person ripped her eyes off!

Facebook – Centro de Recuperacion Equina Nelquihue

The animal was completely blind and disoriented, but a boy found her in time and got in touch with the right people. All this happened in the city of Lincoln, Buenos Aires and was the Nelquihue Equine Recovery Center, that came to help the animal.

Facebook – Centro de Recuperacion Equina Nelquihue

Alejandra González, who was part of the rescue team, started a campaign through social networks. Thanks to that she was able to raise enough money to transfer the animal from Lincoln to Bahía Blanca, where the recovery center operates.

Facebook – Centro de Recuperacion Equina Nelquihue

Many people also expressed their dissatisfaction and disagreement with the actions of the owner. The man claimed that she had reached his hands under these conditions. However, we’ll never know if this is true or not.

Facebook – Centro de Recuperacion Equina Nelquihue

Fortunately, the animal is now in good hands and will live in a place where they will strive to make her life better. Hopefully, Amparada (that’s what they called her) will recover quickly and, despite her condition, have a peaceful life. Watch the rescue in the video below:


Her saviors find her malnourished and suffering


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