Mall security guard breaks all the rules of his job to help stray dogs

Although dogs are lovable and lovable unconditional beings, in some places they restrict their entry only by looking a little different.

Pets are allowed in Cebu City Mall, Philippines, but stray dogs are totally rejected. And so when a mall security guard was petting a stray puppy, he caught the attention of some visitors.

Stray dogs should be treated with the same respect as breed dogs.

Gretel Eleazar was shopping when she saw the wonderful scene, aware of the rules of the mall, seeing the guard who treated the puppy so kindly decided to approach to try to find out more about this unexpected story. Danilo Reyeg is a security guard who loves stray dogs, has long fed dogs that roam the mall.

If we all did just causes for stray dogs, the rate of stray animals would be reduced.

Over time, a lovely dog has become friends with the guard and the dog now follows him everywhere.

Franci is the name of the lovely dog that is now separated from Reyeg, who along with Quinner Cansana, take turns caring for and feeding the puppy. She already has a few months accompanied by the person who, in one way or another, has changed their lives, together they walk the mall and ensure that everything is in order.

Franci is friends with Micmic, a disabled dog.

Little Franci seems to be aware that she is very different from the rest of the dogs that visit what her workplace is today, so every day she struggles to make the best impression.

In this regard, Reyeg notes:

“I taught the dog commands like ‘sit’ and the dog follows him. Is so beautiful”.

Franci recently gave birth outside the mall, Reyeg and Cansana made sure that the dog and her daughter were missing nothing, both have done so much for the dog that they couldn’t leave her, so they decided to go further. The puppies were a bit bigger, they were given for adoption by friends who, like them, love puppies.

Reyeg’s gesture with Franci inspired other teammates.

Reyeg, along with other volunteers, started a Facebook group Saving Strays Cebu to help homeless puppies who live near the mall. They hope they will soon be able to sterilize Franci and that more stray dogs can have a real home.

Making a difference doesn’t cost so much if you do it with your heart, share the note, and help stray dogs that need us so much.

Source: Zoorprendente


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