It looks like an ordinary dress – now look when the camera moves away

There are really incredible things in this world, created by people with an endless imagination. The magical dress we are going to see next is an example of this. Initially, we can see the singer Jennifer Lopez in a long white dress. However, when the camera moves away, the real magic begins!

It all happened on the popular TV show American Idol. When Jennifer Lopez arrived on stage, everyone marveled at her immaculate dress. The artist looked like a real angel… however, the biggest surprise was yet to come.

In this performance, the singer, who was also one of the judges of the contest, shows exactly why she belongs there. Jennifer Lopez performed the song Feel The Light, which was recorded especially for the animated film Home. Her live voice is really wonderful, but it was the absolutely spectacular dress that stole all the attention.

The public was jaw-dropping with the magical dress that accompanied her performance perfectly. Nothing better than to see for yourself why this piece of clothing is stunning everyone! Watch the unique moment below.

What did you think of that gorgeous dress? Whoever had this idea is undoubtedly very creative… Share if you liked the clothes and performance of Jennifer Lopez, and show your friends this unique moment!

Source: Newsner


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