Loving goose helps to take care of her best friend’s newborns

If people were to think about what there might be in common between a goose and a dog, perhaps a large proportion of the answers would indicate that the two creatures do not share much.

This is logical, considering that they are two completely different species. But if there is something that does not understand categories, it is love, and even more when we talk about a mother’s love.

It was maternal instinct that sparked the beautiful video of this dog and her goose friend.

In the recording that circulated on the internet, a Samoyed dog is seen next to her six, newly-born puppies.

Naturally, the furry little girl is exhausted after bringing her little ones to life, but she is not alone and a quirky friend steps in to help her.

Just look at who it is.

It’s a very nice goose that, driven by what seems to be maternal instinct and affection for her friend, decides to give her a hand in caring for the little creatures.

While other mothers are very jealous of their chicks, this Samoieda is open to the idea of the goose helping her and the bird responds in the best way.

She can also be an excellent babysitter.

In the recording, the dog takes a few breaths and catches her breath while her goose friend takes care of the little ones.

Although at first, the goose is cautious and curious about the new creatures moving around inside the cage, later it is observed that it is fully involved in the breeding issues.

These puppies are very lucky little ones.

The goose not only helps her best friend after giving birth, but it seems that she took the role of babysitter very seriously.

This is why throughout the video the mother duo is seen watching and caring for the helpless cubs as a true team.

The little ones have no lack of people to take care of them.

There even comes a time when the goose enters the cage as a “leg to its home”. There is no more caution in her approach as she seems to have adopted the chicks as part of her family, and what a loving aunt! She wants to be very attentive to the little ones’ every move.

Do you think these little puppies are part of their family?

The goose is so committed to taking care of its young that it wanders around when the little ones are sleeping. No doubt, besides being a good friend, it has a great maternal and protective instinct.

It’s a very protective goose.

For her part, the dog is quite trusting of her friend. There is no doubt that there is a very close bond between them, which is not specified in the video, but anyone would say that they have known each other and have been friends for a long time.

A friendship that knows not the species, but love.

Both the goose and the chick showed that motherhood is not a matter of species, but of love and that both are equally qualified for it. This was very well realized by the user who left the following comment on the video:

“It’s amazing to see the characteristics of creation, even in another species … how do you know that these are precious little lives that must be protected and cared for!”

The video is quite moving, but also luminous, and from it it becomes clear to us that many of the distinctions we usually make are nothing more than conventions created by human beings.

Where there is love and trust, harmony will always prevail, so it is hard for the goose to do anything against the cubs, much less the dog could do. This new mother thanks to her friend for all the attention and help she has received.

Although it may sound crazy to some, humans have a lot to learn from animals and this story of friendship is a clear example.

Source: Zoorprendente


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