Lovely fox is caught napping on a tree stump

Sara Ryan’s parents have been isolated at home in Canada for the past few days. But there’s been one positive point about being stuck inside all day.

This gave them a front-row seat for a lovely scene taking place just beyond the window.

A little fox, napping peacefully in the trunk of a tree.

“My dad was very excited!” said Ryan. “They’ve been social-distancing and don’t have pets, so I think they were excited to have something out of the ordinary in their yard!”.

Ryan’s father first saw the fox on Tuesday in the remains of a dead tree that the city had removed last year.

At one point, when Ryan’s father left, “The fox raised his eyes and went back to sleep”, he said.

Clearly, the cozy little fox felt safe in her sleep, perched on the high stump.

“The tree is protected by the garage behind it so it only faces my parents’ yard“, said Ryan. “I imagine that it’s a warm and safe place to nap!”

Later that night, when Ryan’s father looked out the window, he noticed that the fox had woken up and left the scene. But she wasn’t gone for long.

After a night of activity (after all, foxes are nocturnal), she returned to the place she had left.

“She’s back here today napping!” said Ryan.

Ryan’s dad was thrilled, and she was too. She decided to post about the fox on Twitter, and sure enough, the world agreed.

Within hours, her tweet became viral – people around the world gushing about a sweet, sleepy fox. She seems to be exactly what the world needed.

“I love that people are loving the fox! It makes sense that people want a little slice of joy in the midst of a lot of stress and anxiety and chaos”, said Ryan. “I’m glad that my one viral tweet was a cute tweet during a not very cute time”.

Source: The Dodo


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