Police officers respond to a call about a “vicious dog” – when they arrive at the scene they find a lovely and very photogenic dog

Due to media coverage of dog attacks, the Pit Bulls were unfairly labeled as bad and aggressive. Unfortunately, dogs act according to how they are educated, not guilty of the environment in which they are raised.

Recently, a sweet Pit Bull has shown that his breed can be very loving, countering all the defamation of the media!

Police officers respond to call about a “vicious dog”

When police officer, Travis Frost, responded to a call about a “cruel dog”, he was already prepared for the worst … The officer saw the American Bully and got out of his car, ready to fight the animal. The man even left the door of his car open if it was necessary to run away from the dog.

According to a Facebook Police Department publication, Frost whistled and the dog immediately replied “trotting at him with his tail wagging”. “After Travis petted the dog for a minute, he went to the patrol unit and jumped into the front seat.”

The two unlikely friends took the cutest pictures while they waited for an animal control officer to arrive.

Facebook – Texarkana Texas Police Department
Facebook – Texarkana Texas Police Department
Facebook – Texarkana Texas Police Department

The police department discovered that the dog was called Gold, which matches with hisĀ  golden heart. “While you should always be careful with any dog you do not know, you should not automatically assume that all Pit Bulls are bad dogs.” Frost said.

Gold was later picked up by his owner at the Center for Animal Care and Adoption. The animal control officer discovered that the dog had a microchip, but the information wasn’t up to date. An updated microchip “would have saved Gold from a trip to the shelter.”

Fortunately, everything went well and the friendly dog was reunited with his human. In addition, Gold has shown how misunderstood these dogs can be… The Pit Bulls are incredible animals, they just want to love and be loved!

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