9 reasons to love Cristiano Ronaldo beyond his football skills

A football player who is also a billionaire, a hottie and philanthropist. No, we’re not talking about a superhero, we’re talking about someone real. A person who acts kindly and has a wonderful soul! These are just some of the reasons we have to love Cristiano Ronaldo. Below, we will show more reasons to admire this player off the field.

9 reasons to love Cristiano Ronaldo

1. Gives blood regularly.
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The 33-year-old football star has donated blood and plasma for several years. And that’s why he doesn’t have any tattoos: if he did one, he would have to wait between 6 and 12 months to donate again.

2. Doesn’t forget charity.
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Although Cristiano does not announce his donations, journalists always find out when he gives large sums of money. Whether it’s for surgeries of young fans, rebuilding destroyed homes or sponsoring hospitals, he is always doing charity. He does this with the same frequency as giving blood. “My father has always taught me that if you do good deeds and help people, God will reward you twice as much.”

3. Never forgets old friends.
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Cristiano Ronaldo regularly visits his old friends and loves to offer them gifts. For example, as an appreciation for his friendship, he offered a huge mansion to Albert Fantrau. This is because, during the regional qualifying match for Sporting CP, Albert gave the player a chance. Cristiano took advantage of the pass and managed to score the most important goal of his career, which paved the way for a professional football career.

4. Loves his family.
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Huge popularity, crowds of fans, millions of followers, and impressive amounts of money in his bank account didn’t influence Cristiano’s values. Family is the most important thing to him. The player prefers to spend his vacation with his big and noisy family, than alone on a paradise island. An elegant party is not as good as a quiet, cozy evening with his kids.

5. Loves his friends.
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It’s not easy to devote a lot of time to all the fans when you have an entire army of them. Still, Cristiano Ronaldo does his best to reach everyone. Even when he was late for the 2018 World Cup, he found time to get off the bus and comfort a small fan who was crying. He hugged the boy and gave him an autograph.

6. Has sense of humor.
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Cristiano Ronaldo has a great sense of humor. He already dressed as a homeless man and spent an hour playing football on the streets of Madrid. He talked to strangers, asked for womens phone numbers, told them jokes, and liked his moment out of the spotlight.

7. He loves sports, not money.
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Cristiano Ronaldo loves football more than anything, and is ready to play football even without being paid for it. After Real Madrid won the Champions League, he donated everything he received to charity!

8. He’s not ashamed to express his feelings.
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He is a strong, confident and very sensitive person. The best of all is that Cristiano is not afraid to express feelings in public. Whether they are positive or negative, he cries, laughs and celebrates with the same passion.

9. Always ready to help.
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A strong but very touching gesture – Cristiano helped a opponent to reach the bench. It was this same player that determined the elimination of the Portuguese team during the 2018 World Cup. Instead of being mad, Cristiano remained calm and helped him leave the field with dignity and respect.

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