Newborn sees her mother for the first time – her reaction is the definition of love at first sight!

The relationship between a mother and a child is so strong that it can’t even be explained in words. Even before babies are born, women already have a great bond with them. This child that we are going to see next is an example of this… the newborn looked at her mother seconds after she was born, and what she did is undoubtedly the definition of love at first sight! She started to hug her, and didn’t want to let go.

The father decided to film the first moment the wife would hold her baby in her arms. But what surprised the world was the reaction of the newborn, not the mother’s reaction. Upon being placed on her chest, she immediately recognized her mother and hugged her. This happened only a few moments after her birth!


In an emotional video, little Agata Ribeiro Coelho instantly embraces her mother, Brendra Coelho de Souza, shortly after being born by caesarean. The new mother was still at the operating table when they put her daughter in her arms.


“It was a wonderful time when my daughter hugged me for the first time,” Brenda told local media. “The medical staff was great and everyone was surprised she was acting that way. They could not believe how loving she was being with me.”

Today, three months old, little Agata is still too young to say “I love you” to her mother… but her gestures prove that the connection the baby has with the mother is undoubtedly special.

See the touching scene where Agata embraces her mother soon after her birth:

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Source: Trop Cute


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