“Lost” dog ignored by his owner, but gets lucky when adopted by a new family

Bobi the dog was found wandering by a railroad station, where he would constantly endanger his life by sniffing for food across the tracks in the cold winter days. He would walk with a heavy limp and his injured left eye was without vision. He was definitely playing with fire every time he crossed the tracks with speeding trains passing by.

The rescuers at “Howl Of A Dog” rushed to the station upon learning about Bobi’s life-threatening situation. However, Bobi was spooked to have humans tailing him. He launched himself deeper into the tracks as he tried to flee. The rescuers then deflected his path and lured him into a safer territory.

Exhausted by all the running and escaping, Bobi eventually slowed down.

He saw the food a rescuer was offering and realized that they were only trying to help him. He gladly limped to the rescuer and let himself be leashed and carried to the vet. What a good boy!

At the hospital, the vet found that Bobi was 9 years old, micro-chipped, neutered, and fully vaccinated. Sadly, his old left eye scar indicated that his vision was possibly lost after being hit by someone/something.

The rescuers got their hopes up thinking that his owner would be happy to reunite with him, but the reality was far more twisted.

Upon being contacted, Bobi’s owner said that the dog had run away from his home – which was 10 miles away from the station. But the owner made it clear that the partially-blind senior pooch wasn’t welcome anymore, leaving the rescue to care for him.

As the rescue began rehabilitating and nurturing Bobi, they realized that he had little idea about being a beloved pet. He had to be trained to walk on the leash, and even needed assistance in socializing with other dogs. But thanks to his extremely obedient, gentle, and playful nature, he soon found himself blossoming into a confident dog!

Bobi has now been adopted by a family from Delaware, United States. Despite being a senior boy, he loves frolicking around with his doggie brothers, Jack and Bo.

When he’s exhausted from all that play, he curls up on the couch beside the fireplace and enjoys long, warm and cozy naps! He totally hit the jackpot in his golden years and we couldn’t be happier for him!

Watch the video below. Bobi’s haunting rescue from the rail tracks and his rehabilitation at the shelter.

Source: I Love My Dog


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