Exciting meeting between a desolate mother and her lost chihuahua in the forest

Young Jodi O’Shea was walking with her dog, a 1-year-old Chihuahua, and they were just looking for a bit of tranquility in nature. Both she and dog, called Bear, suddenly heard the sound of a shot that startled them, totally changing the outline of the walk.

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The sound was so loud that Bear was scared and ran away. Jodi and his family spent day and night looking for the pup but unsuccessful. It was very cold and there was nothing they could do to ensure the puppy’s safety. Despair seized their souls…

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For two days the O’Shea family searched for Bear, imagining the poor animal freezing and alone in the middle of the forest. The family organized and relied on the benefits that the Internet can provide in such cases. They posted photos of Bear and received help from the dog search platform called Dog Lost:

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Many people joined the small search groups that came out to help the puppy… It is important to ask for support from the communities in these cases, as people can be surprisingly supportive!

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After much effort, they finally found him and the meeting between the family and the little chihuahua was, at the very least, exciting. Check out the emotion-filled reunion in the video below:

Then they went to the vet to see if everything was okay with the animal:

“After wrapping him with blankets and bottles of hot water, the vet said that his temperature was perfect and he could finally go home. We’re very grateful to everyone who cooperated.”, wrote Jodi.

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