Mother leaves teenage niece looking after her baby – minutes later, she gets a picture she never expected to see

In the past, many teenagers got jobs as babysitters on vacation. But, nowadays, there are so many rules and regulations for nannies that seeing young people in this profession is becoming less vulgar. Although strict, existing laws are here to protect the well-being of children. However, this mother has no problem in leaving her teenage niece looking after her baby.

Parents only leave their children in the care of someone they trust. Claudia Sorhaindo thought she had made the right decision when she asked her teenage niece to take care of her 2-month-old girl. But when the mother received a message from the young woman, she realized that not everyone follows the same rules when it comes to child care.

Moms know that finding a nanny they trust at the last minute is a difficult task, if not impossible. That’s why sometimes we have to ask our family members. This is what happened to Claudia, who unexpectedly left the house and asked her niece J’Ann, 15, for help. The teenager has experience as a nanny because of her extended family, so Claudia thought the girl was in good hands.

“I had to leave the house for a few minutes, so I asked my niece to take care of my baby. Shortly after, I got a message that J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich, but didn’t want to leave Ava out of her sight. Even for experienced babysitters, some children can be challenging, especially when you don’t have extra hands to hold a baby, make a sandwich, and talk to friends on the phone all at the same time.”

So what did she do with to the little girl?

Facebook – Claudia Sorhaindo

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and J’Ann’s creativity gave birth to something amusing and unexpected! Mother Claudia agrees: “Lord help me, this was her solution… really … creativity at its best”.

What a lovely way to do your activities and not leaving a child unattended! The baby is hidden and safe inside the girl’s improvised kangaroo bag! Ava’s tiny feet are coming out of her shorts, so it looks like she’s wearing a pair of shorts as well. It’s a perfect invention!

Facebook – Claudia Sorhaindo

But behind the funny picture, there is a sad story. In 2011, Claudia lost a 3-month-old baby named Jenelle due to a hospital error. The doctors gave her the wrong medication, and she eventually died. This made the woman become super protective of the new daughter, and so it was moving for her to see J’Ann taking such care of her baby.

The intelligent teenager undoubtedly deserves praise for her intelligence and creativity. It’s good to know that there are young people as attentive as J’Ann. Since Claudia posted the fun pics on Facebook, they have been shared more than 6,800 times.

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