Children are intimidated by having long hair – when they cut it, everyone discovers the reason

What’s strange is usually not well accepted. But before we judge others, we have to think: what they are doing will affect me in any way? If the answer is “no,” then you should probably walk away and take care of your own life, especially if you don’t know the reason for other people’s choices. Phoebe Kannisto’s children were also bullied at school because they had long hair, but they had a very noble purpose in growing their hair.

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Phoebe has six children: a set of 5-year-old triplets, a pair of 8-year-old twins, and a boy with ten years. The family lives in New York and, until recently, all 6 boys had long hair. Hair length and style are an example of something that doesn’t affect anyone negatively. It’s a personal choice and we should all respect that. Whether or not you like someone’s hairstyle doesn’t matter, as long as they feel happy.

Youtube – Inside Edition

However, many people don’t seem to understand this very simple concept and have to comment on everything, even about some boys’ hair. All 6 children were intimidated by their long hair as they grew up. And it was not just children of the same age who practiced bullying: unnecessary judgments and cruel words often came from adults… shameful!

A special reason

What the bullies didn’t realize was that the boys were letting their hair grow for a special reason. They lost a family friend to cancer, and everyone was very affected. After the death, the boys decided to help in the way they could…

Youtube – Inside Edition

So all 6 boys decided to grow their hair and donate it to a non-profit organization. It took months, but eventually the boys were able to donate 16 feet of hair!

Youtube – Inside Edition

If you want to see the cut, watch the video below:

Before mocking or intimidating someone for something you don’t understand, take a minute to think about what you are doing. Share if you think more people should take care of their own business!
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