Little girl sings for the last time for her elderly cat and, he dies peacefully in her arms

Few people never cried when they saw a pet leave. Be it dog, cat or even other animals, the time for goodbye is heartbreaking. This case that you will see below shows a beautiful and exciting farewell between a little girl and her elderly cat.

The cat was adopted seven years before Abby was born. So she lived her whole life with his company. Abby’s mother found the cat, named Bailey while she was still in college. She tried to keep the cat, but the dorm administration wouldn’t let her. She then sent the animal to stay with the parents while studying.

Seven years later, when Abby was born, Bailey had been a member of the family for a long time. The little girl grew up with the kitten.

The photos are beautiful. Then two more little sisters came and the family became big and full of love. The cat is always at the center of all that love.

Time passed and Bailey grew old. At the age of 14, and Abby at the age of 7, they said goodbye. But not without a beautiful story, recorded in an exciting video. The family was by his side the whole time when they realized he didn’t have much time.

The little girl put the elderly cat on her lap and sang “You Are My Sunshine” for the last time. She stayed with him in her arms for about three hours, with the family around. In peace, Bailey left without suffering and listening to Abby’s voice.

Source: Olhar Animal


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