Little dog takes his favorite toy to his mother whenever she is sick

When Dobby joined her family when she was just a puppy, three years ago, her parents and siblings were so excited to have her. They received her with joy in her family and immediately fell in love with her. But only two days after arriving in her new home, Dobby became very sick.

After taking her to the vet, Dobby’s new family was totally devastated to find out she had parvovirus. Parvovirus is a very contagious, very aggressive virus that affects puppies. And it is common in dogs that come from “factories” of puppies from pet stores.

Dobby’s family already loved her very much – even after a few days of knowing her. And they refused to give up the tiny sick dog.

“It was really scary to see how small she was, only 6 pounds,” said Shannon Coppa, Dobby’s mother. “The vet said she had a small chance of surviving if she stayed at the veterinary hospital, and honestly, he warned her that it would be best if we took her home and spent as much time as we could together. So she really would have a greater chance of having love at home than in a kennel at the vet.

For five days the couple sat in the room with Dobby, doing everything they could to make Dobby as happy and comfortable as possible at home.

As she fought the virus, her parents decided to buy a special toy for her to keep in her company in her quarantine room: a plush pink bunny. From the moment he laid eyes on the rabbit, Dobby loved it so much.

The days went by and the dog recovered well and was fine.

One day, the dog owner suffered a terrible migraine and stayed home to recover. Realizing that her mom was not well, Dobby picked up the plush bunny and lay down next to her mom on the couch.

She imagined that her pink rabbit could help her mother recover.

Now, whenever someone in your family is sick, Dobby takes her special bunny closer to the person. It’s a lot of love.

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Source: Amo Meu Pet


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