Little dog already loves her sister who hasn’t been born yet

Our furry friends love the children and together they are able to provide us with magical moments. A dog, named Penelope, has a little sister on the way. Although they don’t meet face to face, the adorable dog has already proved her love… We can say that Penelope is in love!

Facebook – Fox Paulistinha

Penelope lives in Brazil with Juliana and her family. Juliana is 34 weeks pregnant and the little dog seems to understand that there is a little one on the way. “I think she knows,” Juliana said. “She feels like there’s something different. She’s always been very needy and caring, but for me, that has increased a lot.”

Recently Penelope did something unexpected

When Juliana sat down on the couch, the little animal came and snuggled with her belly. Check out the emotional moment in the video below:

Juliana was thrilled to see Penelope’s gesture toward her baby: “It’s the first time she’s done it,” she said. “It was very exciting.” After Juliana posted the clip on Facebook, it was seen almost 2 million times. “I’m sure Penelope will be a great big sister,” Juliana said.

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Source: The Dodo


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