Little boy sings to cheer up friend who suffers from bullying

Going back to school for a new kid in town can be a scary situation. Luckily for this girl, she made friends with a very special little boy. The girl had just moved to a new school and, unfortunately, she was having trouble making new friends.

The blonde child was super friendly with everyone around her, but she was only able to make friends with one classmate. That little boy became her best friend. One day, she was having a particularly difficult time. Some girls from the school were being bad and calling her names.

Upon learning that his friend was suffering from bullying, the boy decided to intervene. The boy recruited his mother, Ruby Jimenez, to help him on his mission, and asked her to drive to him to his friend’s house. When he arrived, he made a serenade to try to cheer her up!

Singing for his best friend

When the little boy arrived at his friend’s house, he sang Bruno Mars’ Count On Me song for her. The girl was on the sidewalk beside her house and was very happy from that kind gesture.

See the wonderful serenade in the video below:

What a huge heart this kid has. Only someone very special would sing to cheer up their best friend who was suffering from bullying. Share if you’re moved by this little boy’s gesture too!

Source: Happiest


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