Little boy overcome with joy when puppy allegedly stolen from yard returns home

Some children are naturally more responsible than others. However, introducing a pet into their lives is an effective way to improve their sense of responsibility. Of course, as long as the adults involved are also willing to intervene when necessary.

Unfortunately, not everything is a sea of roses. Despite all the joys a pup can bring to a family, incidents are always lurking. This is exactly what happened to a puppy, who disappeared from the backyard of his beloved family.

Facebook – Sharnee Amanda Pocock

Sharnee Pocock had to explain to her son Noah that his dog, Jacky Boy, had disappeared. The family checked the security cameras but couldn’t find clues about the disappearance of the 3-month-old puppy.

Facebook – Sharnee Amanda Pocock

In a desperate attempt to reunite the boy and the dog, the mother offered a large monetary reward in exchange for Jacky Boy. “Bring our boy Jack home,” Pocock posted on Facebook. “$ 3,000 reward, just to bring him back with no questions! We just want him home.”

Facebook – Sharnee Amanda Pocock

The $ 3,000 reward quickly increased to 4,000 and the mother’s request was shared on many local pages, hoping someone would recognize the puppy. “I’m not a rich person, it’s not like we had that kind of money, but I’m going to give it up,” said the worried mother.

“He’s not just a dog for us, he’s family,” she continued.

“My son is suffering… He goes to bed every night and says, ‘I wonder where Jacky Boy is, I wonder if he’s cold.’ He is a very clever little boy and despite being 5 years old, he does notice.”

The good news

Fortunately, on October 18 Pocock posted the update that people were expecting: “He’s home!” A man found the puppy… The boy and his dog were reunited, with many tears and tail-shaking. Luckily, someone was honest and returned the adorable puppy to the worried family.

Check out the emotional reunion in the video below:

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