14-year-old girl loses her life during sleep: the cause is heartbreaking

Back then, mobiles only sent messages and made calls. No,  we have everything we need in smartphones: contacts, email, calendar, maps and even camera. The truth is this technology has improved and made our lives easier, and nobody lives without their phones anymore. However, they can be very dangerous. A 14-year-old girl lost her life during sleep just by spending too much time on her cell phone.

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One morning, Le Thi Xoan’s mother called her and got no answer. After making several phone calls, the woman went home to try to wake her 14-year-old daughter. Upon reaching the room, the mother found the girl unconscious. Her parents took her to the emergency room, but it was too late. The girl was dead.

The parents were heartbroken, and didn’t realize what had happened. But when the doctors revealed the reason for her death, they were even more shattered: Le Thi Xoan died from an electric shock. Her parents didn’t know how this could have happened, until they raised her daughter’s sheets.

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Beneath Le Thi’s bed clothes, there was the cell phone charger. The cell phone was plugged in, but it was not charged because the cable was burned. And that’s exactly what caused the girl’s electrocution, the damaged cable!

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According to the police report, Le Thi connected her cell phone and fell asleep with it by the bed. It is very dangerous to use damaged cables to charge smartphones. The mistake of this girl was fatal .. but there are still many young people that we can save!

Throw away all your damaged chargers and always buy original and quality parts. Also, do not take your phone to bed. This carelessness can be the difference between life and death. Share it so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Source: Newsner


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