Family moves out and leaves dog behind

Unfortunately, many innocent animals end up in the wrong hands and are severely neglected. Increasingly we are witnessing cases of animal abuse and this breaks our hearts! Still, some animals are very compassionate, and despite being abused, they continue to trust people. This was the case of a dog, which is known as Puppy.

Family leaves their dog behind

Puppy, a three year old shih tzu, was found in the apartment where his owners used to live in Londonderry, New Hampshire. After they left without warning, the tenant decided to go to the place and found a strange and tangled ball.

HeĀ couldn’t even walk

His hair was so long and tangled that the little shih tzu couldn’t even walk. Police in Londonderry County, who responded immediately, was able to observe the extent of the dog’s damage. The poor animal lived a few weeks on his own and only ate what he found lying on the floor… Besides, he was constantly banging things out because of his lack of vision.


When Puppy was taken to the vet, a clearer diagnosis could be made. The dog suffered from deafness, blindness … In addition, he was treated for knee dislocation, anemia, and infected skin.


After receiving treatments, he looked like a completely different animal. However, he still lacks a long recovery process. Puppy is now in a temporary home while recovering from his physical and psychological injuries.


Jada Demas and Jennifer Moscardini, who were the dog owners and tenants of the department, were wanted and faced several animal abuse charges. We expect the full weight of the law to fall on them.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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