Dog abandoned by his owners is learning to trust humans again

Recently, the life of a puppy named Denny took a turnaround. The animal was abandoned by his former owner in the streets of Phuket, an island in Thailand. The poor animal struggled to find food and was even attacked by another dog, which left him greatly injured.

Soi Dog Foundation

Luckily, someone witnessed the attack and managed to save Denny, before it was too late. Then they contacted the Soi Dog Foundation. However, when the rescue team arrived, the puppy had disappeared.

Soi Dog Foundation
Three days later, Denny showed up

So a policeman took the puppy to the Soi Dog veterinary hospital. At this point, Denny was in critical condition. His eyes were very infected and he spent several months in the hospital.

Soi Dog Foundation

When Denny recovered, he learned to trust people again.

“It took him about three months for him to heal physically, but a little faster for him to heal emotionally,” said Maeve Henry, a spokeswoman for the Soi Dog Foundation. “It was uplifting to see Denny go from hurt and scared to happy and healthy.”

Soi Dog Foundation
His personality began to shine even more

After being released from the veterinary hospital, Denny went to live in the Soi Dog shelter with about 800 other dogs. “Denny is a happy little boy who likes attention and walks with the volunteers,” Henry said.

Soi Dog Foundation

Now, Denny needs a family that will not leave him. Although some people have expressed interest in adopting bigeye, nothing is confirmed yet. The Soi Dog team hopes that the puppy will find a safe house as quickly as possible.

Soi Dog Foundation

“He’s so lucky to be alive,” wrote the Soi Dog Foundation. “He is now a happy dog.”

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Source: The Dodo


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