Lean and dying lion continues to be exposed to the public at a zoo in Bangladesh

An online petition was launched following the release of images of a skinny and dying lion at the zoo in Comila, Bangladesh. These very difficult images to look at represent a 18-year-old lyon, named Juboraj. We can see in the photos that the animal is so thin that the spine is distinctly visible. What a terrible condition for an animal!

Facebook – Rashed Zaman

These images were broadcast on social networks to challenge local authorities and offer a more honorable and decent end to Juboraj. The zoo director, however, claims to have done what he could do to help the animal: “Juboraj is in a critical condition, we have called veterinarians for his treatment in the past, but his age is an obstacle.”

Facebook – Rashed Zaman

“We could think of euthanasia, however, there is no law that authorizes euthanasia in this country. We have no other choice but to let it live, whatever the suffering.”, a veterinarian sadly confesses.

The latter option focused on offering special care to the animal. However, the results are not guaranteed and the costs would be quite heavy. This case isn’t uncommon, so all that is left to do is wait for the petition to be used to alert the responsible authorities for this barbarity.

Facebook – Rashed Zaman

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Source: Incroyable


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