Labrador swims in the ocean with his owner – three days later, the unthinkable happens

Florida resident Chris Taylor was on the beach swimming with his black Labrador. Three days later, his four-legged friend died and now he has a message for all those who let their dogs swim in the ocean.

His little dog, named OG, was a big swimming fan. However, after a day at the beach, he had to be hospitalized. “He was very tired, after that long day at the beach,” said Chris.

His condition got worse

It was obvious that something was wrong. “We took him to the car and he had diarrhea. He was not well,” said Chris Taylor. The next day, OG looked better. However, two days later, he stopped eating and did not respond by his name.

His brain started to swell

OG’s brain started to swell and the body was no longer responding to the medication. Unfortunately, veterinarians were forced to sacrifice OG. “It’s surreal, it does not seem real, I have to realize it’s real and he’s gone,” says Chris.

Veterinarian Melissa Webster wants to warn about the reason for OG’s death: saltwater intoxication. She says that all dogs react differently to seawater. “If the dog has diarrhea or is vomiting, it could be a sign of saltwater intoxication,” she says.

Many veterinarians and websites warn of the dangers of salt water to animals. There are real risks for prolonged exposure … “Sea water contains ions, including sodium chloride in large quantities.” explains the Assuropoil website.

The ingestion of sea water causes an ionic imbalance, which leads to dehydration. The more your dog drinks a significant amount of salt water, the more likely he is to become intoxicated. To avoid any complications, make sure you always have fresh water for your dog. Wash your pet after each swim, to help remove salt from his body.

Watch the video below to get to know more about OG’s story:

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Source: Incroyable


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